If you have visited the Tampa Bay Area, you know it is a blend of different unique cities, all special, all with a lot to offer. Restaurants, museums, breweries, coffee shops and more. One of my favorite area to visit in Downtown St Petersburg. In the Past 20 years, locals have worked together to transform their downtown in art, food an museum hub. As a photographer, I love to stroll the streets to find possible locations for future engagements or family shoots. Places like The Garden Restaurant you can enjoy a fresh lunch in their patio area which is “protected” by a concrete wall. This wall doesn’t allow you to see the crazy busy street making the space more comfy and secluded in the heart of the downtown.

My Best friend Madeline enjoying lunch with me!

But my favorite place and the one I secretly die to use for a shoot is The New Dali Museum! The new museum on 1 Dali Boulevard truly represents the artist. It looks like it was designed by Dali himself Starting with the big crystal drop that hugs the building, the small labyrinth, the spiral decor on the plaza outside…you haven’t set foot inside yet! It drives my artistic heart mad.

The Big Crystal drop that you see on the outside is even more amazing in the interior. You can access the store, cafe and surrounding areas without an admission ticket. But I strongly recommend you to do the tour or grab the self-directed audio tour and go up this stairs and be challenged by his work.

I would love to do an engagement session (future brides…wink, wink! ;-)) or even shot a wedding in this place. They do offer a wedding package that you can rent basically the whole museum (it more for bigger weddings) or you can just rent small pieces of this. It sure will add some amazing details to your wedding! If you are a bride that is looking for a venue and want a unique one, think outside the box. If you want to something different from the traditional venue, look out for your local museum, Botanical Garden or park. It could be the perfect and unique setting you are looking for.

And for all the photographers, seniors, families, couples looking for a place to have your photos taken, keep your eyes open whenever you go, you’ll never know when you can find your next photo shoot location.

For info about the museum, please click here!

Have a great Weekend!