I met Becky and Luis way back when my hubby and I started dating, circa 2002. She is my hubby’s cousin, (almost like a sister, really) and we got along right from the beginning.  He is a Star Wars, Yankee, aviation lover. She is a girly girl with a twist of a tomboy, chocolate, and coca cola lover chemist. They complement each other in a quirky and fun way. They share the love for good food, drinks, and music, as well as movies. Ah, and, of course,  three beautiful girls…Alanis, Isabella, and Leia (yes, like The Princess Leia….did I tell you Luis is a Star War fan!).

Without further ado, I present to you The Salazar-Caban:

Alanis (7) the first born and V2.0 of her mom!
Isabella (5), the middle child,  and the shyest of them all


And last but not least, Leia (3), sweet princess Leia
Even though this may not be a Canvas worthy, I love capturing the moments in between.


Capturing these moments it is why I became a Photographer. And sometimes we get caught up in the business aspect of it and forget the why…I am glad that I can always have clients like these to keep me on track!

Happy Monday!