Aladdin Inspired Engagement -Downtown Orlando – Maritza + Eyad – There is a song that says that “loves comes from the most unexpected places. A love song on the radio, in bars, in stockrooms at your local pharmacy…a stockroom? YES, a stockroom.
The first time Eyad saw Maritza, he felt his heart skip a beat. She was passing through the stockroom where he was organizing some new merchandise at the pharmacy where they both work. Maritza talked to him about the crazy day she was having and Eyad could not get his eyes off her. After the casual encounter, He would find any excuse to go to her area to talk or simply help her out. He was trying to get to know her and be there for her since the very beginning
But it was after he got transferred to another store that they really started to know each other. She makes him feel happy and blessed. He makes her laugh and treats her like a princess.  I can tell they’ll have a great life together.
Aladdin Inspired Engagement
Aladdin Inspired Engagement
They look so good together! And you can tell how much they love each other…
She grew up in Puerto Rico, he in the other side of the world but both grew up loving this chocolate!
Bounty Chocolate Bar Ring Shot

With these two, you kind of know they are meant for each other. When I told them to bring stuff that was special to them. There were so many! One of them was Mater from Disney’s Cars. He is Maritza’s favorite character and the first gift Eyad gave her.

Aladdin Inspired Engagement
Because Eyad treats Maritza like a princess (and influenced by his Arab roots), her family calls him her Aladdin…
Aladdin Lamp

They are already legally married but wanted to have their dream wedding at Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico…Maritza’s hometown and a true piece of paradise. A perfect setting for a great fairy tale.

Aladdin Inspired Engagement
Aladdin Inspired Engagement
In case you are wondering, the symbols you may not recognize, are the day (lower left corner) and the year (upper right corner) in Arabic.
I love Maritza’s look!
I can’t wait to photograph these two on their day! For more photos of Maritza + Eyad session, visit their website here.
Happy Thursday!