The first time I set foot in the photo studio at Savannah College of Arts and Design (SCAD),  I fell in love with it. It was the perfect blend of my artistic side with my geeky side. Manipulating light into creating new perspectives felt invigorating and powerful and enjoyed every minute of it…then I moved to Florida. And I got sucked in the conformity of not having the lights I was used to (nor the money) to keep it up. I dedicated my time to develop my skills with natural light; that beautiful light that peeks through the window, the reflexion on the cement in the urban area, that afternoon Golden Hour!

But, something was still missing. I have been struggling with my identity as a photographer and artist. Everybody telling me, “Be different, be unique”. Me, feeling overwhelmed by the overgrown industry I love. And Business Plan, and contracts, and payments.

Then, Lindsay Adler posted on her Facebook page that she was doing a tour about photography, about lightning, about being and looking fabulous. She was not doing it alone, she was joined by the awesome, Lou Freeman. Two amazing women which creativity and art, I admire. The Look Fabulous Tour with Lindsay Adler and Lou Freeman was going to stop in Tampa, FL.  I stopped for a second: “I don’t have lights, I don’t shoot fashion” but something inside me wanted to try, wanted to be there, just because. So, I registered…I am glad I did. I felt so much inspired to shoot, to create, to experiment.  I remember how much I enjoyed the studio set up. Looking now at some of the images of the workshop, I recognize they are not perfect but I am in love with what they represent to me. That spark of creativity coming back to me.

Thanks for the tips and learnings of Lou and Lindsay, I felt renewed to continuing playing around with my craft. What do you think? Am I on the right track? 😉



How to fluff a dress! LOL








And I fell in love all over again with the studio lighting. I want to do more. I want to incorporate more into my all-well-known Natural settings. I got re-inspired. Now, it is time to work.

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