I heard somewhere that you should say your goal outloud or share it with someone so you can be accountable for it. Or at least you’ll feel more responsable and committed to them. So here it goes…

(breath in, breath out….see? that wasn’t so bad…everything will be alright)

The race is the annual Disney’s Tower Of Terror 10 miler and it will be held October 5th, 2013 @ 10pm. It will start in Hollywood Studios pass through ESPN Wide World of Sports to end in Studios again. But I like how the runDisney website explains it, so here it is:

“In the dark of night on a path haunted by Disney Villains you’ll run a course from Disney’s Hollywood Studios traveling to ESPN Wide World of Sports and then back again to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. There you’ll run past the spectacular Lights, Motors, Action™ Extreme Stunt Show, along the amazing New York Street on the backlot, past Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat at the top of Hollywood Boulevard, and then on to a finish to remember.”

See? It sounds more epic. I have a mix of terrifying fear and extreme happiness. Like I said, this is my first OFFICIAL race ever and I don’t know what to expect. I started by buying new fitted running shoes and downloading a cool app to help me trained, Zombies!, Run. (If you haven’t heard about this one, check it out. Specially if you are like me and need something more than just music while running!) I am changing my eating habits in order to have enough energy to keep running  (I still need help in this one…so if you have any tip, let me know!).  The goal right now it is to finish in 2:40 or under (16min per mile). Right now my pace is 17min/mi which is not horrible, and I still have 172 days to go. Will I make it?

I created a hashtag, #ShariDoes10miler. If you follow me on twitter (@sharmashari), instagram (sharmashari) or facebook (Sharma Shari Photography) you’ll see it around. If you still haven’t, what are you waiting for? I’ll keep you posted about my frustration, moments of quitting, pain progress!


Wish me luck! Happy Monday!