T-5…T-5…T-4 days 12 hours!!!!

If you remember, I register for Disney’s Tower of Terror 10 Miler back in April (Click here). When I wrote that post it looked that the race was so far away…and know we are in the single digits countdown… And I am petrified! This is my first long run ever…heck, it is my first official race ever. I don’t know what to expect. I’ve been reading and researching everything I could but I guess it is one of those things you need to be there to fully understand it.

A little bit about the race

The 10 Miler revolves, as the name suggest, around the Tower of Terror ride. The whole race is themed using the dark and scary aspect of the ride. To starts, it is the only runDisney race that it is at night (start time 10:00 pm), it is in October (Halloween!) and the after party is called Villains Bash (do you see what they are doing here? ).

Photo Credit: runDisney

The race start outside Disney’s Hollywood Studios (closer to the entrance of Lights! Motors! Action!), goes towards Animal Kingdom, gets into ESPN World Wide of Sports and ends by the backstage are of the Tower of Terror. (Got it? no? Here is the official map  to help you visualize it better)

You are allow to wear a costume (like in every Disney race) as long as it doesn’t include a mask. I decided to go as one of my favorite Villain. Can you guess?

Hint: Think Sleeping Beauty…

I made the tutu myself using: 2 blacks, 1 lilac, 1 fuchsia  6-inch tulle role (25 yd each) and elastic band. I bought them at Joann Fabrics and Micheal’s. I used almost all the black one, but the lilac and fuchsia was only a little bit! I measured the elastic band to where I felt it was okay for me and tied it together…and start putting it together. I found a lot of tutorial online super easy to follow. To complete the look I am attempting to do a green and purple (hopefully waterproof) make up. For the hair/head,  I am dying to buy a pair of Mickey Ears inspired in my Villain. I hope to get them once we are on Walt Disney property on Saturday. I’ll post them as soon as I get the photo!

How I am Feeling

I would be lying if I tell you I am okay. I am seriously FREAKING OUT! I have trained, and I am under the desired time but I fear of not being able to finish or being “followed and flagged” by the race pace keepers (you have to keep a 16 min/mile pace). It is killing me. But I need to relax…and to keep myself together. I need to find inner peace…the little voice inside that have been keeping running during hard days of training or cheer me on during awesome times. I can do this, I can do this…I KNOW I CAN DO THIS!

To track my run, you can register here and receive notification of my progress.

Happy Monday!