Rebranding – the chance that every business owner has to reinvent their business. As a creative being, this should’ve been a fun process, right? But for some reason it becomes dreadful deciding from endless fonts, layouts, photos…a real pain. If you let it be. I recently rebranded my photography business. And against all odds, I enjoyed it, and learned a few things along the way that helped me make the process “easier”.



1. Make a list of the things you like

Do you like red? Are video games your thing? Are you all about glitter? Just make a list! Nothing is too crazy or too dull. Don’t think, just pin/write/save everything that gets your attention. When you have everything in one place it would be easier to see patterns, trends and themes. For me, it was geeky with a modern twist.

2. Visualize your ideal client

Do you get excited about certain clients more than others? What attracts you? There are people that know this one before they start shooting. It took me a while to understand this and put in to my photo business. I was so scare of not getting many clients that I would accept any client. The moment I committed to my ideal client, I started booking clients that fit better with my style. That translated to a better and happier photographer! My clients are the ones who are not afraid to be themselves, to incorporate as many details that represent them as the can with taste and flare. Nothing is too silly or geeky.

3. Pick the best tool

Do you have a free web hosting service? Does it still meet your needs? How about kicking it up a notch on those business cards? There are different tools to make your branding rock. I get that at first we are just trying to make it by as cheap as possible (hey, no money yet), but when you think about rebranding, you need to invest a little. Think about it,  like when you are buying clothes. You go to the store to buy that awesome fandom t-shirt. You love it and wear it proudly. It is the same with brand. You need to wear it proudly. Invest in better cards. Research for different tools for your website and blog. I personally use Showit for my website and I am trying out WordPress/GoDaddy combo with this blog. HIRE somebody to help you with your logo and website, if you can. Do the research and select improvements that fit your brand, present or future

4. Be true to yourself

I fought against it. Weird, isn’t it? When I started shooting weddings, I came from an art background. I felt that I knew nothing about this business so I would take advice about everything from everybody…and I mean EVERYTHING! I wanted to please everybody. Sweet & Romantic? Yes! Packages? Sure. Cookie Cutter Photos? Of course. I even convinced myself that I liked all those things. I began to be two personas: Sharma the photographer and Sharma the everything else (the geek, the video gamer, moviegoer, etc). The moment I realize that I didn’t have to please the industry and just be the photographer I wanted to be, everything else started to fall into place. I am all of those things and I can be all of those thing in my business. It was scary, but I am so happy now! And guess what? more clients are started to find me…more ideal clients! (Achievement unlocked!)

5. Have Fun

Change can be scary, but it can also be fun. I was so ready to embrace this that I took the opportunity and didn’t look back. And you know what? It felt so right! Every step I took, every decision felt like the right one. Also, I was so lucky to have amazing people by my side to help me through it.  I worked with The Lovely Lyss for my design and website rebranding and with the “awesomesauce” fellow nerd Carrie Swails from Photography Awesomesauce for my SEO. Both ladies were very patience and work with me while I was figuring it out all. I am so glad I took the time to do it…

Remember, the most important thing is that you find your style, and then have fun with it. Your clients will see it and you won’t regret it!