When I started my rebranding I knew I wanted to invest in Advertising. Word-Of-Mouth and Social Media can get you so far. I haven’t invested in advertising for a while because I got so overwhelmed by it. Where to start? There so many good ways to advertise but how do I choose where to advertise? I started by asking myself these questions:

  1. Can I describe my ideal client?
  2. Can I see said client visiting  this website?
  3. What is their reach?
  4. Is the price good considering the reach for ideal Client?

I picked my favorite wedding websites and went through each question.  Offbeat Bride  was at the top of my list and here is why:

1) My ideal Clients are the offbeat geeky fun and creative couples that are not afraid to express themselves in their wedding.

2) I found myself visiting the Offbeat Bride blog regularly. I find inspiration for my own work and I day dream about more clients like those featured there. I could see my geeky offbeat couples browsing the website and getting excited about all the resources they were finding. Finding out that their ideas are not as crazy as everybody else is probably trying to tell them. Check!

3) Their reach is pretty awesome. Over 1 million readers a month and a collective 200k followers between Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. They have a very strong presence on Social Media as well. If you get feature or have a vendor spotlight, you are also getting some traffic from there. It is the whole package. Check!

4) Offbeat Bride price is pretty competitive judging that it targets exactly my ideal client…all million of them! Even then it doesn’t happened instantaneously but it is paying off. I already got my first wedding from it! And guess what? Ideal clients!

I know sometimes advertising prices seemed crazy, but if you take the time to know your ideal client and find an advertiser that reach those clients, you will get what you invested in no time! Offbeat Bride works for me and for my target audience. Did you find yours?