Let me tell you a story. This one is about running. It is called runDisney Coast To Coast Challenge or The Race for The Pink Medal. And what a perfect day that the day that the Princess Half marathon weekend registrations open!

Our story starts on January 2014. I was on the cheer squad for my Ironwoman friend Vanessa as she completed her first Disney Marathon. While strolling around the Expo, I was at the runDisney table, the one that shows all the medals of all the races. Being a pixie fan, the Tinkerbell Half Marathon medal got my attention. The lady in charge of the table started talking about the Coast to Coast Challenge. You see, you run a half marathon at Walt Disney World in FL and run a half in Disneyland on the same year. You will earn a third medal to represent that effort. But wait, in 2015, there would be a special edition of the Coast-to-Coast medal, a pink one, if you do the Princess Half and the Tinkerbell Half. I took a photo and posted it on Instagram: 2015 Goals?



If you ever run at Disney, they are something else! The magic that runs through the parks bleeds to the race. Every mile you have characters and volunteers cheering you on and Disney music blasting along the way. You get excited and emotional. And the costumes! You are not required but how can you pass the opportunity of dressing of the running version of your favorite character? It is a magical experience…


Vanesa as Tink before race


Me waiting to see her pass in front of the castle.

After that weekend, the bug was in…


Fast forward to April, I received a private group invitation from Vanessa: Disney Coast to Coast Challenge group. Is this happening for real? Can I even make it? I was never a distance runner. The only long race I have done was the 10mi and I was dying. What are 3 more miles? I accepted the challenge and started saving. Fear and excitement was flowing all over me. I started reading and planning for training. Registration was going to open on July, I had time to change my mind…Now, I just needed to wait until July and see.

To be Continue…