Kelli and Jared’s Atlanta Geek engagement photos evoked both excitement and nostalgia. I lived in Atlanta for several years and the city made an impact in my life. They actually live in the building beside the one I used to live, right in the heart of Midtown. The story of their engagement, made me walk with them through some of my favorite places in town, like Piedmont Park and Caribou Coffee. Unfortunately, due to a festival,  we couldn’t shoot in Piedmont Park, but Kelli and Jared made sure to find some really cool spots that were important and relevant to them. All that made this session fun and unique.

We started at one of their favorite restaurants, The General Muir. Jared works across the plaza near this restaurant and now they are both regulars.

 Atlanta General Miur Engagement PhotosCoffee and Black and White Cookies

We sneaked in right after the lunch rush, which meant we had the restaurant to ourselves. Shout out to the servers and restaurant team. THANKS! We know you were in the middle of getting the restaurant ready for the dinner rush, but you graciously accommodated us and made the session fun and unforgettable to Kelli and Jared…You rock!!General Muir EngagementKelli has one of the most contagious laugh I’ve heard!

General Muir Atlanta Engagement

After the General Muir, we did a quick stop at one their friend’s house to snap some pics in front of the crazy-beautiful green wall.

Atlanta Geek Engagement I loved that Kelli and Jared incorporated my lego heart (the one they got from the Lovesick Expo last year) in their session! We moved to a park nearby to make sure we capture some more moments with the gorgeous sunlight.

Atlanta Geek EngagementAtlanta Park Engagement

During the consultation, we found out they live in the building right next to my old apt building. Our last stop was their apartment. We made the most out of their love of books and playing video games. Their living room wall became the perfect background for this part of the shoot.

Legend of Zelda Save the DatesHow awesome their Save the Dates are? Jared got a friend to help them design it using The Legend of Zelda as inspiration! We share that same love for all things Legend of Zelda.

Video Game Engagement

Reading Geek EngagementVideo gamer Engagement

I can’t wait for their wedding on December! It’s sure going to be a great start to an epic adventure!

-Sharma Shari

PS. In case you were wondering where Kelli got her fabulous red dress, check out: eShakti