Before setting up any details for an engagement session, I always ask my couples to think of their favorite places, the things they love  to do together or anything that they hold dear. I want their engagement session to reflect them, their love, a snapshot of their relationship. But this time, it was Adriana who jumped in and knew exactly what she wanted: a travel themed engagement.

You see, Adriana and Jorge met in one of their business travel, when the company they work sent them to Atlanta, GA for several months. Jorge was there first and a common friend introduced them. The first years of their relationship, airports were their meeting point. When I learned the story, it all made sense! We started the planning and settle on I would travel to Atlanta and we would travel back to TPA and takes photos at the Airport coming back. Perfect plan, right?

Wrong! There were only one problem, Atlanta Airport charges a hefty fee for taking photos in there, Big productions or no. We try to explain that it would be only me, my camera, one lens and the couple. We try to tell them that we were actually getting into a flight right after. Nop, same fee. We research another place that would have the same feel they wanted and found a regional Airport that was gracious enough to let us shoot there. Theme saved!

We started our day at Atlanta Regional Airport , not before snapping some in front of their new house.

Atlanta Travel Themed Engagement

When we got to the airport, we even got one of the planes were parked right in front of the building. (Jackpot!)

Atlanta Travel Engagement Photos

Atlanta Travel Engagement Photos  Atlanta Airport Engagement Photos

Atlanta Travel Engagemet Atlanta Travel Engagement Atlanta Travel Engagement


And if anything can get any better, the night before the shoot, Adriana got the chance to visit the Delta Flight Museum for a frequent flyer focus group. A couple of questions later, we got permission to shoot there the next day! WHAT A TREAT! They have a full Boeing 767 that you can get in everywhere except the cockpit. What a great experience!

Atlanta Travel Themed Engagement

Atlanta Travel Themed Engagement

After that awesome treat, it was time for getting to the airport so we could have time to get something to eat before our flight. We kind of sneak in into the International Gate to snap this very quickly!

The flight was uneventful and I was so anxious to get back home and start working on the photos when Adriana thought to try one more thing before leaving the plane, “Let’s ask the Pilot if he would let us take one photo inside the cockpit”. We waited until everybody left the plane. The pilot graciously accepted (thanks, Delta!) and we snapped some!

What started as bumpy ride while planning, ended up being an epic experience!

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