There is a saying that if it rains on your wedding day, it means many blessings are upon your marriage. If this is true, Adriana and Jorge are on for so many blessed days. Because it didn’t rain on their wedding…it poured. It felt like the sky wanted their Little Mermaid Inspired wedding to be literally Under the Sea.

The day started as a beautiful sunny day. Jorge had a barber friend come in and take care of him and his groomsmen. I have never seen this before and I thought was a great idea! We managed to take some of the photos with just the guys outside while the girls were getting ready. Before Adriana got into her dress, I snapped some fun photos of them in their cute robes. They didn’t want to do the first look. But we had plenty of time to take all the family formals from both sides before the ceremony. Right about when it was time for Adriana to walk from the hotel area to the reception building, the down poured rain started. After waiting a little bit, we decided to get her into a car for the less-than-1-minute ride to the reception hall.

Regardless of the rain outside, the reception hall was perfect! It was filled with all the Whatzits, whozits, and thingamabobs.  The centerpieces were made out The Little Mermaid’s find objects. One of my favorite things was her bouquet. Her mom helped her made it out of seashells and brooches!  The cake was topped by Pop figures, one of Ariel and the other of Goku, Jorge’s favorite anime!  Their table had the candlestick with a spoon, a knife, and a dinglehopper. And the candy bar was a hit among their little cousins.

The rain didn’t stop afterward. We tried to brave it and went to the pool area to snap some of just them. It started down pouring again. We looked at each other and decided to call it quits and head to the bar for a drink. Good thing that they both own their attires. We reshoot a couple of months after and I am so glad we did. They got the chance to get their wedding clothes back on and I got some amazing shots closer to their house in Atlanta GA.

This wedding sure was memorable. Not only for all the beautiful DIY details that they put together but because of the reminder that you can spend a year planning the day, and then the rain comes and changes your plans. In the end,  when you are marrying your favorite person, nothing else matters.

Little Mermaid Mickey Ears

The Little Mermaid Themed Wedding

Goku and Ariel get Married

Little Mermaid Wedding Cake



Pops Wedding

Adriana hid some charms in her cake and had all her friends pull a ribbon form it. Each charm had a different meaning! A cool idea!

Ariel Meets Goku

Little Mermaid Bride

Thanks to the amazing wedding party that not only help Adriana and Jorge but also me! You guys rock!

Venue: Punta Maracayo Resort, Hatillo, Puerto Rico

Pops Cart: Isla Pops

Dress: Amazon

Flowers and decor: Made by the Bride and family

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