My favorite con so far is Dragon*Con in Atlanta. For me, it’s the one who mixes the most about pop culture and other aspects of being a geek (science, electronics, etc). There is a little bit off for everybody in Dragon Con. As a geek photographer, It was always a dream of mine to photograph a geek proposal during Dragon Con. Thanks to Jina and Ema, I got my surprise proposal during Dragon Con!

I made a call through Facebook, to whoever was thinking about proposing during the con, to give me a call. Thanks to a common friend, Juan, Ema contacted me to plan his proposal to his girlfriend Jina. The idea was to replicate a scene from Yuri on Ice, one of Jina’s favorite Anime. In proposal scene in the anime, Victor proposes to Yuri in front of an old cathedral. Thanks to Google Street View, we found a perfect church close to where Dragon Con was happening.  Ema was going to tell Jina to light cosplay as Victor and Yuri to go and pick up their con passes. Since this was the first time of Ema and Jina in Atlanta, Juan was going to help them get there using MARTA (Atlanta public train system).  I was going to pretend to be a fan of Yuri on Ice and recognize their outfits. While asking for a photo of their cosplay, Ema would take the ring out and propose.

I have never done a proposal in which I have to “act”. The ones I have done are more of me hiding in the bushes and playing paparazzi. I was afraid I would mess it up with my acting. Our common friend, Juan, kept giving me the status reports on their whereabouts.  The good thing about this church location was that allowed me to see them as they turned around. As soon as I saw them, I started walking and pretending to take photos. I stare at them and ask if they were cosplaying as Yuri and Victor. Jina said yes. I asked for a photo. Then told Jina if I can take a photo of just Yuri. Luckily, she accepted and possed as Yuri. In the meantime, Ema was getting the rings out.

Geek Engagament

Yuri on Ice Cosplay

As soon as I was done, Ema walks closer to her and started talking to her. That is when she noticed what was happening!

Geek proposal

Atlanta Geek Proposal

Atlanta Yuri On Ice Proposal

Ema had two rings: the one he was gifting her and another for her to give to him if she accepts.

Yuri On Ice Proposal


Geek anime Proposal

Atlanta Dragon Con Proposal

DragonCon Proposal

Victor Propose to Yuri

Black and white geek proposal

Dragon Con Yuri Engagement

This is one of my favorite photos. Jina peeking at her ring…:D

Right after, I reveal myself as friends of Juan. And we told Jina the whole story behind the planning! We asked her of course if she suspected anything, which she said no (Yes! Acting Skills acquired!). After that, we went to pick their badges and enjoyed the rest of the weekend at Dragon*Con!

A little note: Thanks, Juan for pointing Ema my way. Thanks, Ema for trusting my talents. And Thanks Jina for saying YES!

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