Downtown St Petersburg has a charm that is very hard to explain. It is no surprise that it has become a great spot for strolling on a Sunday afternoon or a great place to eat. Or, like in Stephanie and Brad case, the place for a first date. It was no brainer that Downtown St Petersburg was on the top list as a location for their engagement.

They decided to include their two beautiful dogs: Maggie (the Corgi) and Emmett (the Retriever). Maggie is more princess-like and calm, Emmett is full of Energy. These two dogs are adorable and act like brother and sister. We decided to start the session with them first.  We started at the North Strub Park (by the Museum of Fine Arts) around 4 pm. The lighting around that time is magical and the park gives us plenty of places for photos with them.Engagement Sessions with Dogs

Before we could get those perfect shots, we started with some more candid ones.  We wanted to see how Emmett and Maggie would react to the camera and if I was worthy of their trust… 😉  Glad to say, I was. Having them first also helped Stephanie and Brad get more comfortable in front of the camera. Win/Win!
Downtown St Pete Engagement


Ms. Maggie taking a water break. Isn’t she adorable?

Downtown St Pete Engagement

Corgi engagement Session Dogs Engagement Session

Except for the fact the Emmett wanted to protect us from every bike that was passing by, they did amazing!  It was time to move on to get some photos of just Stephanie and Brad. Courtney, their matron of honor, stayed with the dogs while we did the rest of photos. (Thanks, Courtney!)

After a quick change of clothes for Stephanie, we walked to the Dali Museum. The Dali was part of their first date too. We were including some photos there as well. If you haven’t go to the Dali Museum in Downtown St Petersburg, you are missing out.  The architecture is fun and beautiful; a great background to the chemistry and fun nature they have. Add the magic of the golden hour, and voila! A perfect match!
Dali Museum

Dali Museum

Stephanie and Brad,

It was so much fun capturing you guys in one of my favorite cities. I can’t wait for your wedding at Zoo Tampa in November!



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