Science Speakeasy Orlando Wedding As a wedding photographer, I get asked a lot about the First Look. Should I do it? Would it take the emotion away? Here is my top 5 reasons why you should do it. The First Look is what we call a moment before the wedding when the couple decides to see, or be with, each other before walking down the aisle. The First Look allows the couple to have a moment for themselves before the madness and party begins. Doctor Who Wedding First Look 1) No Nerves Having that moment before the ceremony helps alleviate the stress and gives you a bit of time for yourselves before the madness of the day starts. It is also a great opportunity to exchange vows or small gifts, or to just breath and ease into the realization that you are marrying the person in front of you. Tampa Zoo Wedding First Look Tampa Zoo Wedding First Look Tampa Zoo Wedding First Look 2) More time for photos Yes, having a first look could me that you may have to be ready earlier in order to be ready for photos. Doing a First Look allows time for you to get photos with your honey before the ceremony in a more intimate setting and without missing  the happy hour. It even can provide some extra time to do photos with wedding party and family portraits before everything. 3) Emotion is still there and you will have it all captured! The main worry about First Looks comes from the couples thinking that seeing each other before the ceremony will take away from the walking down the aisle moment. In all my years shooting weddings, I have never seen someone not get excited by seeing their significant other walking down the aisle towards them.  Puerto Rico Wedding First Look Puerto Rico Wedding First Look top 5 reasons why to do a First Look 4) More time together It is your wedding day you should be able to spend as much time together as you can! First Look allow you to start the day earlier, together! top 5 reasons why to do a First Look top 5 reasons why to do a First Look  First Look top 5 reasons why to do a First Look 5) More time with Guests In my experience, once ceremony starts, the rest of the night goes fast! Taking the photos before the ceremony, during the First Look, will let you have more time to hang out with your guest during cocktail hour and reception because all the formals photos of you two will be done! If you are still thinking about it, talk to your photographer and talk to other couples that have done it. I always recommend it to my clients and the ones that accept the challenge, are always happy they did! What do you think? Wanna do the First look on your wedding day? If you want to see more of these, photography, wedding tips, and geeky stuff every week follow me on Facebook and Instagram! Also, make sure to look for me on Pinterest too, where I gather all the geeky and nerdy ideas for your wedding or everyday life! Ready to book? Send me message here!