Birthday Photoshoot – I love celebrating birthdays. Birthdays are the perfect excuse to reflect on your life, celebrate who you are and that you survived another trip around the sun. I try to celebrate any type of birthdays as much as I can and when it comes to mine, I celebrate all month long!

This year is different. With COVID-19 still very present (among all other things that have been happening this year), I needed to change my traditional big birthday celebrations. An opportunity to do something different while still keeping my big celebration mentality was in front of me. After thinking for a while, I decided to do a themed photoshoot/birthday dinner to celebrate. Why not? I can have a small party (for 2) and make it big by turning it into a photoshoot! And what a better themed than one of my favorite games ever: Fallout.

If you know the game, you know it is a perfect theme for these times. You wake up in a Post-apocalyptic world after being sheltered in a vault. Using the Official Fallout Cookbook as a guide, I prepared 3 recipes inspired by the game. Using the game setting, I created a table setting with tons of props to use as the background for the photos. Between Etsy, Youtube and some of the props we already had, I manged to gather a table that fans of the franchise would recognize!

Can you spot all the references?

PS. If you want to create a birthday photoshoot, let’s talk! Head to my contact page so we can start planning!

Vault 41! (for my 41th birthday!)
I need more practice on the cake but it tasted delicious!
Buffout Matcha cookies are one of my favorite recipes from this book!
Baby Yoda special appearance

This may become a new birthday tradition and I am seriously thinking of offering this as part of my photo services.
If you would do this shoot, which one would be your theme?