Meet Sharma Shari


I am a Miami photographer who loves to capture geeky, creative and offbeat weddings, portraits and editorial. I love a good DIY wedding with geek elements, an offbeat affair filled with the couple’s details everywhere. I used to be a Computer Engineer but I walked away from the cubicle life and became a Photographer instead.

My photographic style is a mixed of photojournalistic and classic posing. I will pose you a certain way but will look for those moments in between as well. I will work with you beforehand to plan the perfect session or work to maximize your photo time. No idea is too crazy and if I am required to wear a costume, I would gladly comply!

When I am not taking photos of awesome people and things, I dream of travel. Books are my weakness. I can not walk from a books store without one. I would not say NO to coffee unless is “Americano” (and I don’t like Starbucks, oh the horror). I am a collector of old cameras and still love to shoot film and Polaroids. DIY projects and journaling are therapy. Video Games (well games in general) and Cartoons are a totally acceptable way of spending your time… And Pinterest! A sweet addiction that sparks your creativity and imagination.

I am a Jedi, Trekkie, Tolkien, Brown Coat, Whovian who loves movies and everything geek and that totally believe her Hogwarts’ admission letter got lost in the mail. I also believe in love, that you can marry your best friend and that you can have a true family even if you are not blood-related!

Ready to talk: [email protected]