Meet Sharma Shari

I am photographer who loves to capture geeky, creative and offbeat weddings, portraits and editorial. I love a good DIY wedding with geek elements, an offbeat affair filled with the couple’s details everywhere. I used to be a Computer Engineer but I walked away from the cubicle life and became a Photographer instead.

While I am not taking photos of awesome people and things, I dream of travel. I wish to have authentic ramen, visit the Studio Ghibli and see the Cherry Blossoms in Japan. Eat and drink my way through Italy. Visit the United Kingdom, the country that gave birth to 3 of my favorite things…Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and Sherlock Holmes. Books are my weakness. I can not walk from a books store without one. I would not say NO to coffee unless is “Americano” (and I don’t like Starbucks, oh the horror). I am a collector of old cameras and still love to shoot film and Polaroids. DIY projects and journaling are therapy. Video Games (well games in general) and Cartoons are a totally acceptable way of spending your time… And Pinterest! A sweet addiction that sparks your creativity and imagination.

I am a Jedi, Trekkie, Tolkien, Brown Coat, Whovian who loves movies and everything geek and that totally believe her Hogwarts’ admission letter got lost in the mail. I also believe in love, that you can marry your best friend and that you can have a true family even if you are not blood-related!

Ready to talk: