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I’m Sharma Shari, a Geek photographer owner of Sharma Shari Photography that thinks her Hogwarts’ admission letter got lost in the mail. I walked away from the cubicle life as an Computer Engineer and became a Photographer instead. I Love Coffee (not Starbucks), Books and video games. I collect old cameras and still love to shoot film and Polaroids. DIY projects are a great therapy and Pinterest is an addiction. I enjoy watching anything about Middle Earth, Zombies, Wizards, space or Time Traveling. I believe in love, that you can marry your best friend and that you can have a true family even if you are not blood related! Allons-y!

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Reading: Hidden Figures
Binge Watching: Luke Cage
Playing: Fall-Out 4

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Located in Largo, FL but servicing Florida, Atlanta, Puerto Rico and Galaxies Far Far Away
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