I have been hooked with Dane Sanders book Fast Track Photographer. He invites you to analyze your life and business and motivates you to move forward by concentrating on the best asset your business has: YOU. The author shares some stories, including his, about the beginnings of some of the photography rock stars and how they become so popular and successful. Must of them made it, besides their super determination to succeed, because they were at the right moment at the right time. They were doing things that the industry was not used to. Blogs, podcasts, digital downloads were things coming out of Sci-Fi or tech industries, not photography. But they jumped in and tried…and guess what? It worked! Today, 90% of the new photographers have a blog, very well design websites and can provide a range of services like digital downloads and order fulfillment.

I changed careers 5 years ago from Computer Engineering to Photography. After finishing my Masters in Fine Arts, I have been working as a photographer for different companies and clients, basically building other people dreams.  Last year I decided to make it an official business, to do weddings and portraits, to work for me, be my own boss. I love photography, I love capturing every day, immortalizing memories, freezing time. But I was feeling a little overwhelmed by the number of great photographers out there. How can I be different? How can I find my own niche?  I cannot help but to think, Am I too late?
Maybe…or maybe, like Sanders explain in the book, I am trying to copy their formula for success instead of concentrating on finding my own. It is hard to find your voice when you are trying to “sing” as somebody else. Instead, I should be concentrating on what I have to offer, what would be my great contribution to the industry. And THAT would not happen until I keep shooting, keep getting myself exposed to different situations, meeting new people. Am I too late? Only If I stop here and now, only if I keep thinking I am.
Am I too late? NO, this is only the beginning!


Happy Thursday!