She has just graduated from High School and moved to Florida.  Her mom was encouraging her and her friend Elisa to get a job as soon as possible so she targeted the Publix near her house. Sam was already working there. He was shy and hardly spoke to her but Melissa has already noticed him: “We would go there and I would see this really hot, long-haired blonde fellow that was somewhat reminiscent of Kurt Cobain. It turned out to be him.”

One of the coworkers asked for her phone number so she can give it to Sam and gave her his in return. She couldn’t wait and called him as soon as she got off work.  While talking with him, she was playing an old video game, Castlevania for NES. He thought that was awesome, (Later, they discover the mutual passion for video games, especially oldies). They talked for hours until the sun came up.
August 18th, 2001 was the date for the first kiss, and was the perfect date for getting married! We met them thanks to Ob’s work (my hubby!) and found out common passions for video games, reading and found objects.  She taught me how to surf the Flea Markets and thrift store like a pro so I knew her wedding was going to be a DIY extravaganza filled with vintage crystals and second-hand awesomeness.
Melissa & Sam, THANK YOU for the honor of capture your wedding. It was truly a unique and fun experience. I wish you the best in this new adventure and hope we see you soon…game night, anyone? Love…Sharma



Brooche Bouquet
The Bride made her and the bridesmaid bouquets out of brooches, some of them found at thrift stores and Flea Markets!
The wedding was inside this 1938 theater that now serves as a Recording studio!

Vintage Reception
The ceremony and reception areas were designed and decorated by them. Every piece you see here were either donated or found in thrift stores.

Gluten Free Wedding
The Bride is allergic to Gluten, so finding a cater was a little bit of a challenge. Luckily, family and friends helped her put together this awesome taco and nachos bar. Refried beans, meat, Chipotle rice,…everything safe for the bride!

Candy Bar Wedding


  Vintage Wedding Dress


Brooches Bouquets
Video Game Wedding
They had set up a video game station for the guests. All filled with classics!
They just have so much fun together! I love being part of that day!

Happy Tuesday!