Last Saturday, I decided to join some of the fellow reSTARters in Tampa for a fun photo shoot. You see, we met through an online course dedicated to helping you restructure and restart your business into a one more profitable one. A local group of online classmates was created in Facebook to support each other and have a place to share and critique our steps and “assignments”.  Although the course is over, we still keep in touch thanks to the magic of Facebook and keep supporting each other and sharing ideas and concepts for our business.
Tamara Pizzeck (Tamara Pizzeck Photography), Katie Capo (Catherine Ann Photography), Jessica Edler (J. Morgan Images) and I met up at the University of Tampa in Downtown Tampa. After a couple of weeks of calling aspiring models, not one showed up. We had to options: 1) Go home and do nothing or 2) Shoot ourselves and at least practice and play. Of course, we were going to shoot.
Jessica pulled out her handmade tutus and off we went across the street to make some images and have some fun.
Mrs. Jessica rocking the pink tutu!

Miss Katie, lace and dreamy

While Jessica and Katie took photos of Tamara I decided to snatch a behind-the-scene!

There was a lot of honking during the entire photoshoot, I guess it is not normal to be hanging out in big tutus skirts with cameras in Downtown. A family visiting from Colombia wanted to take a photo with the girls.

Mrs. Tamara and her striking gaze
After a while, we decided to make it more interesting. So, taking all the precautions, we moved to the middle of the street and took some between red lights.

At the end it was perfect, we got some photos and had a great time. I guess no matter how old you are every girl always is up for playing some dress up.

For more photos, click HERE!

Happy Wednesday!