These Ann Arbor engagement photos are some of my favorites because Gisselle and Osvaldo have such an amazing love story. Sometimes the right person for you is there, right in front of you. But maybe neither of you are ready for it. Maybe you need to have some experiences and live different things before you are ready for each other. Something like that happened to Gisselle and Osvaldo when they were dating back in college. Their lives parted different ways for a while, but they were destined for each other. They reconnected and started dating again 6 years ago.

We picked this date for photos because the weather was supposed to be springy already…but mother nature thought other wise. Luckily we only had to deal with a little bit of rain and some wind. The over cast sky helped divide the session into multiple mini ones along the way and allowed us to discover the area a little bit.

One of my favorite highlights of the session was how they shared their love of books, like Hunger Games, and we incorporated that into photos with Gisselle’s gorgeous ring! Also, as a geek myself I totally am in love with any opportunity to include things like Hunger Games and books into my photo shoots and sessions. I’m so thankful that Gisselle and Osvaldo were willing to let their geek flags fly for these engagement photos!

Gisselle and Osvaldo, I can’t wait to capture your wedding next year in our beautiful island, Puerto Rico.

Now….let see some photos!


Ann Arbor Engagement Photos

The University of Michigan served as our backdrop for the first part of the session.

Ann Arbor Engagement Photos
Love her ring! Osvaldo did a great job!
Ann Arbor Engagement Photos