Being an Artist, specially a Professional Photographer, in the digital era has turned out to be a blessing and a curse. Having the ability to hold more than 300 images at once in you camera or, better yet, on your phone has made photography most accessible than ever. Instant downloads, home photo printer, social media have help photography be in every house hold. But in that advancement, a little bit as been lost. That accessibility has made us numb. Why to hire somebody who would charge a lot to do something I CAN DO on my phone. Our eyes have went blind and with everyday that pass we loose the ability to critique a good photo from a bad one. But everybody has a breaking point…


Death of a Photographer is an exploration of that breaking point. The series become a rant, a vent, the result of an internal conflict between the artist and business owner. While the artist, the photographer, just wants to creates, the business owner pushes against the world to make a living of the creation. They both struggle with the ever changing industry. They fight against a world of “Your camera takes great photos” or “I got a friend with a nice camera, and is going to do it for free”.  And they become close to give up into the worst of it.






But that is the beauty of this industry. It changes. It evolves. It may seems like it is dying but i believe it just getting stronger than ever…What do you think?
Happy Tuesday!