5 Unique Cake Topper Ideas. Working with non-traditional couples, I get my share of unique cake toppers. I want to share some of my favorite ideas with you. Hope it helps you decide on yours.

Lego Cake Topper Wedding

Lego Topper – If you are a fan of Lego, this is a great way to incorporate it into your wedding. The LEGO store has one ready to go for you to use. It comes with some customizable pieces (mainly hair options). But if you want something more custom (and you live too far from a LEGO store) you can find some great vendors in Etsy (like HeartOfBrick or mylegoideas) that would make it for you!

Russian Orthodox Wedding Crowns

Religious Topper – If you are a religious person, why not to incorporate it into the cake as well? Here is a beautiful topper inspired in the Russian Orthodox Crown Ceremony. These were a replica of the ones used during their ceremony. Aren’t they cute?

Skeleton Cake Topper Halloween Wedding

Themed Topper – You’ve worked hard in your wedding theme; from your gather to the music. The cake topper is a great way to keep that theme flowing. Patti and Matt got married on Halloween and this cake topper goes perfect with the Halloween feel!

Custom Cake Topper

Us, The Topper – Why buy a random figure, which doesn’t resemble you guys, to adorn that awesome cake? You can create your own by commissioning an artist. Giselle and Osvaldo had one made representing both of them and including their pets….even the ones that had passed away! Again, Etsy is filled with artists with different styles that would help you create your own!

Darth Vader Cake Topper Wedding

No Topper at all – If a topper is not in your “must” list,  you can always add some of your favorite fandom or design as an easter egg in your cake. This Darth Vader was a nice touch to incorporate the groom’s love for Star Wars in a wedding that was not themed like one.

Nothing is too crazy for your cake, as long as you are happy with it.

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