You got your photographer (Yey! Scratched of that one from the To-do list!). Everything is perfect until you realize your photographer offers an engagement session! The panic sets in. Last time you had your photo taken was in high school. Don’t worry, you are in the right place! By the time you finish reading this, you will be ready to rock your engagement session!


Talk to your Photographer, trust them

You picked your photographer because something clicked, the work, the personality, or for whatever reason. Trust your gut. Also, this is a good excuse to get to know how your photographer works and get more comfortable for the wedding day!

Ponce City Market Downtown Atlanta Engagement

Airport Travel Engagement


Use the Session as an excuse for a date

You are getting all dolled up! Maybe, one of you had makeup/hair trial. You can plan a Date Day. Have breakfast at your favorite place, meet your photographer and have fun at some of your favorite places. Since you are already all dressed up, how about stopping for dinner at a favorite one or somewhere you wanted to try?


Think of the things you enjoy doing together

Do you have a favorite spot? Maybe a restaurant? a comic book shop? or just your old campus? Before picking a place to do the engagement, I like to ask my couples of any special place the would like to have their engagement session. The place of your first date, where you met, a comic book shop, any place that it is significant for you. Don’t be afraid to tell your photographer about those spots. I am one that loves when couples incorporate as much as they can into their engagement session. Not only helps you relax in a familiar place, it is something that will hold more sentimental value than just “This is just something the photographer had”.


Include some of your favorite things

Don’t be afraid to incorporate what makes you happy. Are you a fan of Doctor Who? Bring your scarf or any fandom prop you want. Do you have pets? Fluffy kids? Make them part of the fun! The engagement session is about you guys, what you love to do, what you enjoy. It is time to make it part of it!

geek offbeat nontraditional wedding


Relax and have fun

The engagement session is a great opportunity to get to know your photographer’s way of working. Relax and enjoy that time together. You got this!

Comic Book Engagement

Universal Studios Vintage Anniversary Harry Potter

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