Silicone Rings are becoming a great alternative to traditional wedding rings.  They are becoming more and more popular among people that their active lifestyle or line of work don’t allow them to show off their ring. I was one of them. Every time that I ran a race or went to the beach, I was confronted with the decision between taking my ring and risking losing it or not wearing anything at all. Until I found this fabulous idea. How can I didn’t know about silicone rings before? I went online and bought my first set.

Nowadays, there are plenty of styles and companies to choose from but I am here to talk to you about one I found to be a little bit different from others: Groove+ Life. The Groove one feels softer over my skin and has an inside design that helps the ring to breathe, allowing to not stick to your finger, even when it is super hot and muggy outside. Not only the design and material feel good, but also the presentation. When my previous silicone rings arrived, they came in a plastic baggie on a  bubble wrapped mailing envelope. Nothing memorable about it. But the Groove one arrived in a cool tin box. Yeah,  I am all for a good presentation.

The only thing I found so far that I was not so thrilled with was one of the things that makes this ring different from others: the breathable inside design. As I explained before, the inside design is perfect for allowing your skin to breathe. But, at the same time, the design gets dirty, especially when you sweat. Although an inconvenience was not definitely a factor for making me stop using this cool product!

It is great for active people that like to do a lot of outdoor activities or exercise. It is also perfect for people working in fields like first responders, food industry etc that would normally don’t allow them to use jewelry. This ring is comfortable and won’t get in the way of your gloves. And the best part? It is guaranteed for 94 years! This guarantee means that if the rings rip, stretch, or simple breaks, they will probably replace it. Is it that great?

You can buy this ring at their website:  and they have different styles and colors to choose from. I have the Women’s Bohemian Silicone Wedding Ring in Teal and I love wearing it everytime I go running or to enjoy the beautiful Ft Lauderdale Offers. They graciously gave me one ring to give away! So stay tuned to my Instagram and Facebook page for more details about how you can get one of these!

groove silicone wedding ring

Have you used any silicone ring? What are you waiting for?




**This is a sponsored review! Even though I love this product I am obliged to let you know that they contact to make the review**